Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here a shoe, there a shoe, everywhere a shoe shoe

I love cute kicks and I cannot lie, you otha brothas can't deny.... So here's the deal. We've finally come to the point in Judah's life that I've been dreading.... he's making a fuss about what he wears. Thankfully not in all clothing yet, but with his shoes. So Judah has some really cute shoes, thanks to my shopping prowess (I don't ussually buy anything that is not on sale/second hand/some type of deal) and the amazing generosity of my dear friends and family, so he has a collection of really cool shoes right now. Like his incredible Hulk shoes, his Grover shoes, a few pairs of Chucks and his skate shoes (which he thinks are great because he's really into skateboarding)...but he screams when I try to put him in any shoes other than his beat up *daycare* blue saucony tennis shoes. Hmph. What's next? Will he be that kid wearing a cowboy hat, snow pants, a tuxedo jacket and cleats? And you know what else he's REALLY particular about- where I drive! He get sooo upset if I veer off River's Ave to take the interstate home "NO!! Go straight, Go Right, No go over buuuuuuump, turn arrrrrrrooooouuuunnnddd!!!" Oh yea, in daycare recently he demanded that they sing the "daddies" on the bus go "shh, shh, shh".... NOT the mamas... and he said about twenty times yesterday that "mama drives red car" (I drive a greenish color minivan)... Hmmmm.... wonder where he gets his strong opinions from? ;)


JackRussell said...

Yeah... it must've bee an allergic reaction. I don't know what was going on with Russ' head that day.

I think Judah might take after me in the shoe dept. I'm horrible with shoes! I'm sure your bargain shoes are way better than anything I would pick out. I'm a little "daycare" myself. :) I guess it is good that Judah's so cute that you want to look at his face and not his feet. :)

The Tylers said...

Thomas is in that shoe phase as well & it can be a huge battle...his favorite shoes are black leather church shoes that his cousin gave him...he wears them with shorts & white socks :( He is also like that with shirts...won't wear anything but solid or striped polos. Hope to see you guys soon. Hugs to you!

Robinson Family said...

Too funny. I'm laughing that he has all these cool shoes and he only wants to wear the blue ones. And he's into skateboarding? What cool kid!