Friday, July 17, 2009

My Scury Dawg!

Judah has become crazy about pirates lately! His favorite book is called "My Pop Pop is a Pirate" and wants to read it every night. When I ask him to tell people Hello, or Thank You or whatever is appropriate, if he thinks I'm asking him to say too much stuff (he isn't prompted to say on his own).. he'll just start this "ARGGGGGGHHHH" business. Cute, but obnoxious. ;)

Someday he'll be totally impressed to find out that his real "Pop Pop" (my Dad) is related to REAL pirates!!! No lying!!


The Tylers said...

THAT is SO FUNNY!!! I love it! Judah is too cute and I just love his little mohawk. We won't see you at church cause we are going out of town. Have a super week! We will be giving you a call to meet up at a park soon!

my little kingdom said...

all around family entertainment by Judah Andres!! We just died laughing watching that and Jackson says: "I wanna see it again plese!!"

Robinson Family said...

THIS is adorable. I LOVE pirates! Who are you all related too?! LOVE IT! And tell Judah there are times I don't want to talk to people and answer them as well. I think I may start to the pirate speak. "Shiver me timbers!"