Monday, July 27, 2009

"I fah down stairrrrrrs" "went Booom" "I hurt head"

That's the story accoring to Judah. Last wednesday, on my way into the house, carrying Quinn in his car seat, three grocery bags, my purse and the kids daycare bag, I had everyone on the "landing" at the top of my outside steps, ready to go into the house, when I saw it happen in sloooow motion. Judah grabbed our hand rail, twirled around, fell down three stairs and face planted into the cement. He was stunned and screamed, but seemed ok (other than goose egg and bruising/scrathes) and a swollen nose. I put him down to grab an ice pack and he fell over. Ten minutes later I put him down to see if he could stand any easier, and he wobbled back and forth like a drunk person and blood started trickling out of his nose. Talk about a freak out moment. Guillermo was in a mandatory nursing meeting, but finally answered his phone, and came straight home. Elizabeth came right over to stay with Quinn. We took Judah to the ER. Thank GOD he was alright, minor concussion but nothing further that night. We kept checking in on him and I watched him the next day. Thank God His angels are surrounding us!


my little kingdom said...

OOOOOOOOOoohhh sweet little boy! So sorry Judah! hope he's feeling better by now. I know that was so scarey.

The Tylers said...

OH POOR JUDAH! I am so glad he is okay and Thank the LORD for friends! Please give him a hug & kiss from us. Oh-sorry I didn't get back to you about the MOPS has been a rough week as you read. Tell your friend to write me ASAP and I will forward her the info. Talk to you soon.

Robinson Family said...

So So SO glad he is ok. I can only imagine. I would have been CRYING!!! Thank you Lord and continue to protect our little buddies.