Wednesday, July 8, 2009

America. You Rock.

We had an Awesome 4th of July weekend. Since I barely have any leave left, my holiday days off are even more precious. We made the most of this weekend. We took the boys to Whirling Waters, which was amazing for us & them (even though my sunscreen didn't work and I looked like a crazy Zebra- thank God Judah tans, or he'd been a lobster like his Mama) on Friday morning. Friday night we spent at the Quinton's house, which despite not being in their own beds, both kids actually slept thru the night! And we stayed awake and hung out until midnight! Wow, away from the house, hanging out past 8pm- it was a miracle! :) All of us hung out at our house the next day, in our 10 foot by 6 foot pool (that would be 8 of us). Can you imagine that sight? And then we went to Waterfront park downtown for grilling out and fireworks. And Sunday we CHILLED. Ahhh, what a great weekend. Why can't EVERY week/weekend be like that?? Sigh......

Judah and Quinn ADORE each other. I'm enjoying these moments now, before they start getting on each other's nerves. :)
Quinn pulling all of Dante's magnificent hair out.

Judah playing with Gavin, somehow the flag got pulled off the wooden stick. Judah then tried to impale people with the stick... so the rest of the night I tried to hide the stick from him. Stupid me didn't bring any toys for him to play with. I mean, when you have hotdogs, burgers and chips, who needs toys?? ;)

Ahhhh, silence.

Quinn says: God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home (in a founding father's European accent, like Stewie from the Family Guy).


Robinson Family said...

You crack me up (in ref. to your Stewie Family Guy comment). MISS THE QUINTONS! Ugh. Makes me sad. But your boys smiles warm my heart. Well done parental units!

my little kingdom said...

What a fun weekend! Ya'll sure did a lot and I know it was like a mini-vacation to get away from the house for an evening and watch some fireworks while the boys slept. Sooooo nice!!! And all ya'll in the pool... even better. :)