Monday, July 27, 2009

Charleston Parks, here's to you!

Mt Pleasant has a new amazing park! Right under the bridge with an amazing Looooong pier. You *almost* feel like you're on a boat! If you haven't been there, you gotta check it out!

"I fah down stairrrrrrs" "went Booom" "I hurt head"

That's the story accoring to Judah. Last wednesday, on my way into the house, carrying Quinn in his car seat, three grocery bags, my purse and the kids daycare bag, I had everyone on the "landing" at the top of my outside steps, ready to go into the house, when I saw it happen in sloooow motion. Judah grabbed our hand rail, twirled around, fell down three stairs and face planted into the cement. He was stunned and screamed, but seemed ok (other than goose egg and bruising/scrathes) and a swollen nose. I put him down to grab an ice pack and he fell over. Ten minutes later I put him down to see if he could stand any easier, and he wobbled back and forth like a drunk person and blood started trickling out of his nose. Talk about a freak out moment. Guillermo was in a mandatory nursing meeting, but finally answered his phone, and came straight home. Elizabeth came right over to stay with Quinn. We took Judah to the ER. Thank GOD he was alright, minor concussion but nothing further that night. We kept checking in on him and I watched him the next day. Thank God His angels are surrounding us!

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Scury Dawg!

Judah has become crazy about pirates lately! His favorite book is called "My Pop Pop is a Pirate" and wants to read it every night. When I ask him to tell people Hello, or Thank You or whatever is appropriate, if he thinks I'm asking him to say too much stuff (he isn't prompted to say on his own).. he'll just start this "ARGGGGGGHHHH" business. Cute, but obnoxious. ;)

Someday he'll be totally impressed to find out that his real "Pop Pop" (my Dad) is related to REAL pirates!!! No lying!!

My Dance Partner

Ok, I know ALL babies love to dance, but Quinn has the most cute and insanely happy smile that I had to post pics. I've been dancing with him a lot these days just to get that smile!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

America. You Rock.

We had an Awesome 4th of July weekend. Since I barely have any leave left, my holiday days off are even more precious. We made the most of this weekend. We took the boys to Whirling Waters, which was amazing for us & them (even though my sunscreen didn't work and I looked like a crazy Zebra- thank God Judah tans, or he'd been a lobster like his Mama) on Friday morning. Friday night we spent at the Quinton's house, which despite not being in their own beds, both kids actually slept thru the night! And we stayed awake and hung out until midnight! Wow, away from the house, hanging out past 8pm- it was a miracle! :) All of us hung out at our house the next day, in our 10 foot by 6 foot pool (that would be 8 of us). Can you imagine that sight? And then we went to Waterfront park downtown for grilling out and fireworks. And Sunday we CHILLED. Ahhh, what a great weekend. Why can't EVERY week/weekend be like that?? Sigh......

Judah and Quinn ADORE each other. I'm enjoying these moments now, before they start getting on each other's nerves. :)
Quinn pulling all of Dante's magnificent hair out.

Judah playing with Gavin, somehow the flag got pulled off the wooden stick. Judah then tried to impale people with the stick... so the rest of the night I tried to hide the stick from him. Stupid me didn't bring any toys for him to play with. I mean, when you have hotdogs, burgers and chips, who needs toys?? ;)

Ahhhh, silence.

Quinn says: God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home (in a founding father's European accent, like Stewie from the Family Guy).

If whomp means poop, than Whomp there it is!

Here is a mish-mash of the goings on in the Soler household over the past several weeks. Judah has done a couple of funny things, that you may get a kick out of. After getting him naked and going to get the bath ready, I discovered that he had climbed up to the side of Quinn's crib and while doing so, he pooped on the floor. I love finding random turds around my house!! The next thing is, when we put Judah in his big boy bed, we discovered that he has the VERY strong Sherman gene of sleep walking. ALL of the Shermans sleep walk and we all have some funny stories. Well, Judah has gotten out of his big boy bed, sleep walking at least three times. The first time, he just got out of bed and ran as fast as he could into the kitchen, When I went to get him, he was standing like a zombie in the kitchen. We got a child proof knob for the inside of his room and frantically as he tried to figure it out one night, he locked himself in his room. We've never considered the lock in this room until this night. The room had a outside knob on it and only could be unlocked with a key. So Gmo had to kick it open, destroying the door and knob. yay.
I see a lot of this lately, sheer frustration as he threw himself down on the grass when we got home and refusing to move. I'd say at least 3 or 4 times a week we have to "retrain" him that although he may get away with certain things at daycare, he does not get away with tantrums at home. Homey don't play that.
Baby Yoga- Toooooooot.

My big boy is getting bigger and more independant every day. He'll barely sleep in my arms anymore. Boohoo. It's time to start trying for another one- JUST KIDDING. After Gmo is done with nursing school. :)

Why do I love spagetti faces so much??

I wanted to post this picture, because his smile is about to break his face. Both my boys inherited their HUGE smiles from their Dad and I just love it! When they're happy- you know it. When they're frustrated. You KNOW it. :) When Quinn is frustrated he roars like a monster.

Guillermo's Mom & Sister came and visited us! The boys love their Abulea and Titi!