Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Children's Museum- where have you been all my life!

Am I the only momma in Charleston that didn't know how RAD this place was!! Judah had a blast.

His cart floweth over, hmmmm- who does that remind me of??
Uh, excuse me lady- you have something hanging off the front of your shirt!

YAY for water play (and for complimentarty water proof aprons)

This is the look I got when I informed Judah it was time to go. I think this is the look I give people when they give me more work. HA. Just kidding, I do throw myself on the floor and pound my fists though.


Robinson Family said...

Never made it to the Charleston Children's Museum but I've heard it's awesome. Looks like you all had a blast. We love ours here.

The Tylers said...

Yes and they have 4 family free nights a year that include a FREE dinner! See you there :)

my little kingdom said...

Can't wait to take my boys there! We went when Jackson was a baby but haven't been back since. That place is great!