Monday, May 18, 2009

My Baby- the last week of being one. Tear.

So, this isn't the baby that's turning two, but I couldn't help but put up a new picture of him. All Twenty and a half lbs of him!! My little HAM.

So..... my baby is no longer a baby. As much as I look forward to my kids growing up and being able to do more things, hold more "adult" conversations with me, be able to plan meaningful family trips (to the kids), I want them to stay teeny tiny, so we can snuggle and hug and kiss each other all day and no one blinks an eye. Pretty soon they're going to be big gassy-stinky-dirty boys! Lol! So Judah turns two on wednesday and I want to put my hand on his head, like my parents did to me and told me to stop growing! :) Unfortunately, it doesn't work, I've tried that with my thighs too...

That boy can jump! Must be Guillermo's genes!! This white girl can NOT jump.

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elizabeth said...

my chubba bubba.
+ my almost two year old BOY is not a bebe. tear!
i adore those boys! xo