Thursday, May 28, 2009

I get around- (OUR) beach boys!

I am so thankful Judah loves the beach so much. I know that is a special time for Gmo and Judah to spend together. I'll have to invest in a giant tent/umbrella to protect Quinn & myself from the sun, because I can tell we'll be at the beach quite a bit this summer!!

Judah and Uncle Fee (or Uncle Wee as Judah calls him)- both fearless!

Papa and Devon

Judah in his awesome new Spiderman sunglasses from Julie & Firoze.

Fat boy in his big sombrero!


Robinson Family said...

Great beach pics! Wish we could go together. BOO! But YEAH for the sunshine!

JackRussell said...

Man, I HATE the beach! I would be under the tent with you and Quinn! Glad Judah likes it so much though - definitely can fill up a lot of time with a beach trip! I can't believe he's 2 either! And Quinn is getting sooo big! What a little chunk! I love it!

Russ and I were actually talking about you this morning at the OB. Come to think of it, I think of you EVERY time I'm there because your kids are everywhere in there! There's even 2 of the SAME picture of Quinn and one of Judah all on the same bulletin board! Noa gets no air-time!!! You'll have to give us your connections so we can get her picture up there! Maybe when Ruthie comes I'll just bombard them with a whole scrap book and they'll have to put SOMETHING up...

By the way... your house is so cute! I like the new bedspread in your room and your bed looks HUGE! Is it a king? I think its the biggest bed I've ever seen...