Monday, May 18, 2009

HGTV -eat your heart out.

I LOVE saving money. If bargain shopping were an olympic sport, I'd at least have a silver medal. I must admit I am very proud to say, almost everything in my house was bought on a major sale or it is a hand-me down or used item! When I see the budget people have on HGTV to decorate a few rooms, I think- man If I had that kind of money, I could renovate/decorate three houses! ANYways, I digress, Judah moved into his "big boy" bed last night and Guillermo repainted his room (for my Mother's day gift). I've promised a few friends I would take pics of the boys rooms for them and keep forgetting, so I've taken pics of their rooms and will post for your viewing pleasure. And just in case you were wondering, in the same way, I'm posting pics of the rooms I'm so proud of (for outfitting for so little money)- if I ever get down to a size 2 and have a six pack, every post will be a picture of me in a white trash spandex/halter outfit or a bikini. But don't get to scurrrrred, that won't be happening in this lifetime, I'm sure. ;)

My new duvet cover- and I bought it from Elizabeth!! E, thank you for having great taste and changing your decor often!! ;)
Judah's new big boy bed! He's getting a new duvet cover from his Aunt & Uncle for his b-day! And at 2am this morning, Judah fell out of the bed. For some reason, he likes to sleep at the foot of the bed! Thank goodness he has a very hard head!

I'm not sure if you can tell with the accessories, but it's a cowboy theme room, using non-traditional colors (not the typical red bandana/denim theme)

This is Quinn's nursery. It's a vintage toy mixed with pop art and modern themed room.


auntie e said...

I love the new linens. Dang! I do have good taste! ;)
Juju's room looks so cute. + I knew he would fall out of the bed. Did the thud wake you up? Or his screaming? My poor bebe. I love that you kept the picture of him with his Uncle Jamie.
What are you going to do with Quinn's room in 19 months? Oh...the wheels start turning now....

The Tylers said...

I love the rooms & I love the fact that you didn't pay a pretty penny for them. Hope you guys are doing well.

Aunt Bebster said...

Courtnwey, I've always thought you could easily make some side money doing some interior design consulting. You rock at decorating girl! I'm in awe of your mad skillz!! Every room in your house is so put together and just your style. Love it!! Judah's room is adorable. I love the colors as I'm sure he does too and the fact you stayed with his cowboy theme. Can't wait to see it in real life!!

the one who can't spell said...

... omg, I can't spell. oops. :)(that's what I get for trying to feed the boys dinner whilst slipping away for a brief moment to check out Judah's new room!!... it was worth it!!)

Robinson Family said...

I do covet your shopping prowess and awesome since of design. YOU need your own show. Move over Paige Davis!

Dustan and Betsy said...

Hey, just blog stalking. No big deal right? Thought I'd say I love the comforter in your bedroom. And that pic in your baby room with the tats? Is that the dad? Hot!

I know Russ and Jackie Miller and the Papas.

Also - Quinn is on my list of baby names. Did you go to Teen Mania?