Thursday, May 28, 2009

I get around- (OUR) beach boys!

I am so thankful Judah loves the beach so much. I know that is a special time for Gmo and Judah to spend together. I'll have to invest in a giant tent/umbrella to protect Quinn & myself from the sun, because I can tell we'll be at the beach quite a bit this summer!!

Judah and Uncle Fee (or Uncle Wee as Judah calls him)- both fearless!

Papa and Devon

Judah in his awesome new Spiderman sunglasses from Julie & Firoze.

Fat boy in his big sombrero!

Jump for Joy. Birthday weekends ROCK.

Judah had a very small, family birthday party at the indoor jump place and then we all went back to our house for food and fun! Both my sisters and their families came down from ATL for the weekend! Can I tell you how impresed I am with my family that almost all of them were jumping in the jump castle with the kids- including my Dad!! Of all the amazing things my family accomplishes, I am always most impressed when you have the ability to act silly and like a kid no matter what age you are! :)

My lil' jumping bean! With his "cuz"- Jackson.

My Dad and Devon!

Judah's Auntie Booze and Juju. How on earth does she still look so great after all that bouncing? My head was a big sweaty mess after 2 seconds of jumping.

"Auntie" Beth and Lukie.

Right before this picture, he was very unhappy that he could not eat a cupcake until AFTER we lit candles and sang. Happy 22222222's!! ;)

The boys... look at my kid hogging all the toys (apple doesn't fall to far from the tree, ask my sisters).

Everyone gave Judah the most fun & awesome gifts! And he really got into opening them up, then threw tantrums because he couldn't play with the toy, but had to move on to more gifts.. I wonder when that stage ends??
All in all, it was a perfect day. Lots of laughs, lots of fun, lots of good food! I am so thankful for our family. We can't wait for Guillermo's family to come this summer and celebrate with us too!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

You've come a long way baby-Happy Birthday my Sweet Angel!!

I can't believe my bebe is no longer a baby!! He's my big two-fer now!! I am absolutely blown away at how amazing the past two years have been. Judah is such an awesome kid, everyday- I think about how grateful I am for such sweet, wonderful kids. God is so good to us and I hope that this year is amazing for my Judah- bear!

Monday, May 18, 2009

HGTV -eat your heart out.

I LOVE saving money. If bargain shopping were an olympic sport, I'd at least have a silver medal. I must admit I am very proud to say, almost everything in my house was bought on a major sale or it is a hand-me down or used item! When I see the budget people have on HGTV to decorate a few rooms, I think- man If I had that kind of money, I could renovate/decorate three houses! ANYways, I digress, Judah moved into his "big boy" bed last night and Guillermo repainted his room (for my Mother's day gift). I've promised a few friends I would take pics of the boys rooms for them and keep forgetting, so I've taken pics of their rooms and will post for your viewing pleasure. And just in case you were wondering, in the same way, I'm posting pics of the rooms I'm so proud of (for outfitting for so little money)- if I ever get down to a size 2 and have a six pack, every post will be a picture of me in a white trash spandex/halter outfit or a bikini. But don't get to scurrrrred, that won't be happening in this lifetime, I'm sure. ;)

My new duvet cover- and I bought it from Elizabeth!! E, thank you for having great taste and changing your decor often!! ;)
Judah's new big boy bed! He's getting a new duvet cover from his Aunt & Uncle for his b-day! And at 2am this morning, Judah fell out of the bed. For some reason, he likes to sleep at the foot of the bed! Thank goodness he has a very hard head!

I'm not sure if you can tell with the accessories, but it's a cowboy theme room, using non-traditional colors (not the typical red bandana/denim theme)

This is Quinn's nursery. It's a vintage toy mixed with pop art and modern themed room.

My Baby- the last week of being one. Tear.

So, this isn't the baby that's turning two, but I couldn't help but put up a new picture of him. All Twenty and a half lbs of him!! My little HAM.

So..... my baby is no longer a baby. As much as I look forward to my kids growing up and being able to do more things, hold more "adult" conversations with me, be able to plan meaningful family trips (to the kids), I want them to stay teeny tiny, so we can snuggle and hug and kiss each other all day and no one blinks an eye. Pretty soon they're going to be big gassy-stinky-dirty boys! Lol! So Judah turns two on wednesday and I want to put my hand on his head, like my parents did to me and told me to stop growing! :) Unfortunately, it doesn't work, I've tried that with my thighs too...

That boy can jump! Must be Guillermo's genes!! This white girl can NOT jump.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Day, Mutha!!

It's mother's day in the hood! So I always put these pictures in backwards, they were supposed to be in chronological order, but since they're backwards and I don't have time to do it again, here ya go!
Quinn was dedicated on Mother's day, could there be any greater event for a Mama? Maybe having a baby on Mother's Day?? :) Anyways, it was amazing. My parents came and The Quintons came. James and Elizabeth are Quinn's God-Parents. :)

These two are my favorite mother's day gifts!! Guillermo and the boys woke me up to breakfast in bed and the sweetest cards. My actual gift is Gmo painting Judah's room a new color. I've chosen blue.. now to find the right blue! After church- everyone came to our house where my master chef hubby made lobster and steak. I think I dreamed about lobster and today I'm "feening" for some more! I avoided eating lemon butter, brownie sunday and mashed potatoes... I think I deserve a blizzard and a big mac for that!! ;)

Judah with his new haircut- thanks to Uncle James, he looks like a cool kid, I think James probably felt like he had been at war trying to cut this kid's hair. Does anyone know of any legal tranquilizer for the next cut?? J/K.

My sweetest sleeping lamb. Nothing more precious in the whole world.

See, some moms rock. Judah carefully read and inspected each card, and he decided that I rock! ;)

Monday, May 4, 2009

My babes- cheech and chong, smokey and the bandit, sid and nancy, cher and sonny...

Why are all the popular duo teams bad? Well my little duo may be naughty sometimes, but they're far from bad.
Oddly enough, Quinn was the "randomly" selected airline passenger for further detainee that day........

Looks like Quinn may have inherited my double chin!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Kicks and Kisses.....

Judah's like that commercial with the "sweet & sour" bear. One minute he's naughty, the other minute he's nice!

Bottles and Bandaids.... my little helper.

Quinn- boys got squeal skeelzzz!

Judah always says "Bunny's singin" when he squeals.