Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter- what an awesome day!

I LOVE Easter!! I used to think as a kid that God LOVES Easter so much He always makes this day so gorgeous for His peeps to enjoy and this year was No exception! Anyways, every year I am so moved when I really think and ponder how amazing God is that He is so gracious to us, especially if you're like me and not one ounce of me deserves His mercy.
Easter Bunny came to our house this year, he pooped all over the backyard, so we had to do the eater egg hunt in the front yard! He left "mana" (spiderman- Judah's favorite) and elmo eggs. Judah was hording his eggs like a prisoner at lunch time... I think from him having 9 "brothers and sisters" at daycare, he is getting very protective of his stuff!

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