Friday, February 13, 2009

TAG!! You're It.....

So.... I was tagged by Chara... so if you're tagged, you've gotta play....
1. Open your picture file
2. If you have different folders, open your sixth folder
3. Choose your sixth picture and blog about it.
4. Tag 6 more people to do the same
*I didn't choose the 6-6-6 routine btw!! ;)
This is a picture of my friend Felicia at her "second" wedding/reception on Folly Beach, her first wedding being a few weeks earlier in England! The place was decorated so pretty, there were grapevines all over the ceiling COVERED in christmas lights.... what a neat ambience! The interesting part about the evening for me was I was three days overdue with Quinn.... I was soooo miserable, huge, achy and pregnant. The only thing that would make me leave my house, hubby and 1.5 year old toddler in tow would be a friend who only comes to america every few years, and one of my best friends birthday party that same night-James' birthday party which we went to after the wedding recption. Also that night, we had a very hard time keeping Judah quiet at the wedding reception and it was even harder to keep him on our laps! We didn't ask my parents to babysit, because we were already relying on them to do LOTS of babysitting and helping out once Quinn was born. So anyways, I'm glad I went to both activities, glad my water didn't break all over the dance floor!! ;)
SO.. the peeps I'm tagging:
1. Lee- I'm tagging you again, you still haven't done it!
2. Beth
3. Elizabeth
4. Tamara
Ya'll haven't blogged in 4-eva!
5. Jackie
6. Garrett

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