Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quinn grows and grows........and my life as I know it....

Ok, so this is one of those you know you're a mom of 2 kids under 2 stories... and let me warn you.. .this story probably has was too much personal info.. so if that stuff freaks you out, just don't read it... .so anyways, today Judah was taking a nap and I was holding Quinn. Quinn had fallen asleep and I refuse to put Quinn down when Judah is taking his nap, because Judah is a really light napper, so if Quinn cries, he wakes up and won't go back to bed... SO... I had to go to the bathroom really badly, but didn't want to wake Quinn up, so I've been trying to hold it for over an hour. (That'll matter when you hear the rest of the story). The doorbell rings, Indy starts barking, wakes Quinn up, and now I have to decide if I'm going to get the door. I realize it's probably the rug I've ordered for Judah's room and so I jump up and run to the door even though I'm in my tiny nightgown with my big pasty white legs hanging out.. I figure the UPS person would have to get over it.. I've been looking for Judah's rug for almost ten months and I was SO excited to get it. So even though I got to the door at least thirty seconds after the doorbell rang I realize that I missed the UPS man and he didn't leave the rug! So frantically I call UPS trying to track him down to return, in the meantime Quinn ends up peeing all over me (at this point I'm about to pee everywhere)- Judah's awake after only an hour because of all the commotion.. I finally go to the bathroom and decide because Judah is ok in his crib and Quinn is quiet on the floor in the living room (he's covered in pee- but I HAD to go to the bathroom before I changed him) I say- this is my chance to take a two second shower. So in the shower I hear the both babies crying, so I jump out, run out to go pick up Quinn, in my towel- when I bend over I realize I just flashed my butt to starlett ave cause my windows were totally open. After I got Quinn changed and settled, I go get Judah who has a giant poop- at this point, I say forget it and take the poop diaper to the back porch still in my towel.. when I return to go feed Quinn, I realize he's had a major blowout. Yay. The ironic part is, the UPS guy actually left the rug, it was just all the way to the side of my front porch, where I couldn't see it when I opened the door.... and just for the record, the rug is AWESOME and it was only $35 from a major sale item I've been watching for many months!!

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