Monday, October 27, 2008

Who is Jack and what is an O'lantern?

Our new family tradition is carving pumpkins with Mimi and Grandpa. My Dad carved the pumpkin with the intricate cat face and Guillermo carved the little "jack the skeleton" pumpkin and the full cat. I think they did an awesome job! Also Judah had a "October fest" party at daycare and got the cute bag..... since we go to a christian daycare, they didn't celebrate a halloween, so they called it "october fest" and celebrated it on Oct 24th.. the funny thing is- I wonder if they realize that Octoberfest is probably the world's largest beer festival in Germany..... I should write them a nasty letter saying that if they're going to be serving my child stiens of german beer and Schweinsbraten then Guillermo and I better be invited to partake!! ;) J/K!

Do you ever wish you were one of those Hollywood moms with live in nannies?

I LOVE being a Mom. Judah is the brightest part of my day, every day. I can't imagine life without him. So don't misunderstand me- I'm not trying to complain about being a mom... but last night (like other sick nights) I just wish that when it's the 3rd or 4th time your sick baby has woken up, is coughing, crying-literally for hours.. you just want to push a button, have super nanny come to the rescue, getting your sick baby to sleep by a miracle, while you and your hubby get much needed sleep. Poor Judah has a cold, which unfortunatley has been very common over the past 14 months since he's been in daycare. This cold is pretty much the brutal common cold with snot rockets every few minutes, lots of coughing- I'm sure a sore throat and teething to boot (he's getting in 8 teeth). He was up for most of the night and I realized as I'm serving him soup at 1am that someone needs to invent some kind of throat relief for babies.. he wouldn't drink the chamomile tea (no caffeine) and honey we made him... and the soup really had no lasting effects (throat/cough relief).. is there something I don't know about.. c'mon Mama friends, please tell me something out there that is like herbal cough medicine or some kind of warm honey drink that kids actually will drink! Oh yea, and anyone have any ideas of toddler friendly tv at mignight? LOL.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Barf and Boo-boos......

This was pretty much what my weekend looked like.... what did yours look like??

Last week Judah busted his lip open (for the second time in 2 months at daycare).. this time it was on top of a busted nose too..... anyways on top of that he got a stomach flu where he was projectile vomitting non-stop all day saturday (my favorite was when he filled his car seat with vomit)... the best part for him was LOTS of popsicles and the *best* part for us will be when we receive the bill from St Francis/Roper URGENT care which appearantly is an ER!!!!! (pray for us. lol).

This is his lip 3 days after he fell... I love how fast lips heal!
Judah in dah hood enjoying some Ice......
Nothing can hold this kid back. Boo-boos, vomit, bring it on!
Have you seen the size of this kids mouth? (He gets it from his Daddy....)

One reason I love my hubby.......

Have you ever noticed how your hot husband becomes even hotter when they play with your kids............ladies, can I get a what what........... Anyways, I of course am biased, but these two just can't get anymore adorable.....

You're never going to belive WHO I saw on my way home the other day!

Dude... I did NOT know this guy lived in Charleston!! I expect to see crime rates dropping ASAP!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dolphins and Empanadas...........

This weekend we went to the Hispanic Festival and Waterfront Park! Guillermo and Judah showing their Puerto Rican pride.............

Yes folks, we captured it on film... that's a good old fashioned TANTRUM that Judah is throwing, guess he didn't want to leave....... Either that or he was mad that the funnel cake and cod fish were all eaten.........

Judah and Tio Ivan are baaaaaad to the bone
Does your toddler look at the camera and smile? Judah pretty much refused to after a year old.....I could be standing on my head playing the trumpet... nothing works....
Awwww, someone loves their Daddy..
You can never give enough kisses!
My two boys...... :)

Chara, here's to you!

What can I say- other than Y'all ROCK!

Friday, October 3, 2008