Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My First Valentine's Day!

Judah was showered with love by his sweet (extended) family for Valentine's Day. Judah wanted me to make sure I posted some pictures to let you know he is very thankful for all of his cards & gifts and loves you all! :)

Where is my baby??

For all of you who are moms (or dads), you can totally appreciate that it is a sad day when your sweet little "blob" (as Jenny McCarthy calls it) turns into an active baby. It was a very sad day several months ago when I realized that Judah no longer wanted to snuggle with me and be held all the time. I was so shocked when he wanted to be put down, even though he was months from actively crawling. It's amazing what a strong sense of independence humans have. Over this past weekend Judah has moved to a whole new step in his 9 month-independence. Although he has been pulling himself up, "inch worming" and crawling for over a month, over the weekend a flip switched. He has moved from moving forward, to moving full speed ahead. Just to give you an idea, as soon as I put him down he crawled at lightning speed across the room (bypassing about 50 of his own toys), pulled up at the tv stand, swiped the dvds out of the stand and was trying to tear out the dvd player (all within seconds it took for me to run over to him). Next he was trying to pull himself up ONTO the couch! (I can only imagine him throwing himself off head first, had I not stopped him from pulling himself onto the couch). Last night, while I was giving him a bath, he stood up in his bath chair and was trying to climb out of it! Aye, aye aye, Next time you see me I'll be 20lbs lighter, and it won't be from my dieting efforts. Either that or I'll have 5 more wrinkles and grey hairs. :) Either way, I love my little monster and I realize this is just the beginning. :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Little 1/2 Puerto Rican Boy!

Judah's Abuela Maria bought him a traditional Puerto Rican shirt for Christmas...all he needs now is a slab of pork and a glass of rum!

I feel your pain......

I feel your pain Judah!!!!

Little Moses...

Why do we think it's awesome to put our sweet baby in baskets and funny little outfits that look like German Leiderhosen (sp)?? I don't know why, but it sure makes us laugh and he's so freaking cute in them!! :)

iPoo, no I did not....

Judah is the man of Many expressions. It's so fun taking pictures of him lately, he has so many different faces. Also note the two big bottom teeth!