Friday, December 12, 2008

Yay!! One picture uploaded!!

I'm so happy that I have a work laptop to use while on maternity leave, but I was sad that my ability to upload pics onto the blog didn't seem to be working.... I hope it continues to work cause then I can upload pics of baby Quinn as soon as he comes!! You hear that Quinn- you need to come now!!!


JackRussell said...

This is SUCH a cute picture of Judah. I love it! Russ said he saw you today and no Quinn. Hurry up baby! Don't wait until the 22nd!!! We are anxiously awaiting the news and of course we want to see this little man when he chooses to come. Missing you. Hope you're able to sleep and breathe and not have to go to the bathroom tonight.

The Tylers said...

No kidding...I keep checking the blog to see if Quinn has made his
1st appearance! We are praying for you guys!

The Brace Family said...

when is your due date? i think the 15th right?...can't wait to see him.. food will be coming your way and some fun things for Judah! just need to get directions from lee i guess.