Thursday, December 4, 2008

Words, words, words.

I think there must be something magical at the 18th month mark. I noticed the same thing with my nephew at 18 months.... Judah's vocab increased from about 20 words to now he can almost say anything I ask him to say.. now it doesn't always sound exactly like the word, but it's a very good attempt- where as before he would just sit there and smile at me and then say "ball". My favorite things he's saying now is I love you (melts my heart), thank you, please, "gool gool" for school, also, it's hilarious to watch him attempt to say all the alphabet letters, when he doesn't think he can say a certain letter like W, I yell it really loud like it's SOO fun to say and then he makes an attempt. Ha. Anyways, to all you mamas out there... have you noticed that one day your child started to become much more verbal, instead of a gradual increase??


The Tylers said...

Oh yes...I kid you not, Thomas went from saying a few words to speaking in sentences within a few months of each other. I JUST LOVE this age because they are so smart. Let us know how you are doing. I just love Judah & when baby comes I will be more than happy to watch him if you need me to.

thetalbotts said...

That was Carson...went from pretty much no talking to straight sentences! But it was really late for her. I can't remember dates!

I keep checking back for baby Quinn updates...when are you due? I'm thinking you are getting pretty close.

Have a wonderful Christmas with all of your boys!