Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quinn update, still not here. Boo.

Ok, so here's the update... STILL no Quinn. My due date was exactly 5 days ago. My *lovely* doctor does not like "meddlesome obstectrics" meaning my "best case scenerio" with an induction date is Dec 22nd (12 days after my due date). My body is doing NOTHING-or he said if I twisted his arm he would consider inducing sooner. I basically wanted to tell him, he'd be in a body cast if he did NOT induce me and I was actually dilated or effaced. So needless to say, that shot of castor oil, or the bath with rapsberries, or jumping on a trampoline or whatever old wives tales are looking pretty darn good right now... so far I think I've walked more than I've walked in months. Still nothing. To top it off, I've have uber-painful contractions for over 3 weeks now... .talk about fun finding out each week that they're doing NOTHING for my body.. just making me endure unecessary pain I guess... My next appt is tuesday for a non-stress-test and ultrasound (just to make sure the baby isn't going to come out 40 lbs). I am excited for another ultrasound.. since the 18 week anatomy scan all I saw was "skeletor" as the skin was not thick enough to bounce the waves off of, so I still only saw bones..... Maybe I'll be able to see some of Quinn's features- OR maybe he'll come tonight and I'll see him face to face!! Pray for me!! I may just lose my mind over this next week! Oh yea, last night I was contemplating just driving myself to the hospital and simply refusing to leave until someone got the baby out of me.. I wonder if that would work? Certainly it's been tried before!! You know, the squeaky wheel always gets what it wants right??

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Sally Brown said...

(Lee's sister here...) I will be praying for you! I can't wait to see pictures of little Q :)