Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our amazing Christmas present!!!

First of all, let me say, thank you Elizabeth for holding my head during labor (and everything else, ha) AND the awesome post!! As Elizabeth already said, this labor and delivery was absolutely amazing now that I look back. I was in labor for 11.5 hours, but the contractions (pre-epidural) were very, very manageable, after the epidural I felt almost no pain until the end, then I started feeling pain, so the Dr boosted my meds so high, I felt nothing while pushing! It was amazing. Quinn was as beautiful and sweet as I imagined he would be. He doesn't look anything like Judah did as a baby, other than full lips, a big mouth and dimples. He is a very sleepy boy and did really well at the hospital. Here at home, he was up a whole bunch last night - and didn't want to sleep in his bassinet, but hopefully tonight he'll do a little bit better. He slept so well and heavy today, I'm hoping he doesn't have his days and nights confused. Judah has been so sweet to his baby brother. When my parents brought him to the hospital room he was so excited about "his baby", he barely even paid me any attention. When they took Quinn to the nursery Judah even cried. Judah goes from being very naughty to very, very sweet now that we're at home. We're praying for extra patience for all of us. :) As much as my laptop allows, we'll keep posting pics!! Thank you to everyone for the gifts, food, sweet comments, thoughts and prayers!! We love you all!


Robinson Family said...

Yippee! Answer to prayer that you all are home so soon. Sending you oodles of love from Richmond!

thetalbotts said...

Congratulations, Courtney! And I'm glad the big brother is doing well & loves HIS baby. :)