Sunday, December 14, 2008

My sweet friends...........

So as you've probably read, I've been having some technical difficulties downloading pics to my blog.... so it seems like it's working sporadically now.. somedays it works, other days my whole laptop seems to freeze up. ANYways, I finally was able to upload a couple of pics from a surprise baby shower/dinner that my sweet friends threw me. I was TOTALLY surprised and even saw one of my friend's car in the parking lot, I figured she was there eating with her hubby!! Talk about DUH.. gotta love pregnant brain. It wasn't as bad as the time about 4 years ago when I had a bunch of friends surprise Guillermo at Chuck e Cheese for his birthday and when he saw them there he said, Whoa, I can't believe Shannon and Justin are at Chuck E Cheese too... even after seeing the other friends, he didn't realize we were all there for him, as a crazy surprise, his mid-20 year old friends weren't just hanging out at Chuck E Cheese as a strange coincidence!! HA! Ok, so back to the shower/dinner.. Thanks SO much to my sweet friends, the biggest blessing was a nice intimate dinner with some girl friends, I get that pleasure WAY to rarely and it was a real treat!! Love you girls.

Brenda was kind enough to test out the pacifier for me, she said Quinn will love it! J/K!!
Now this is one of the most amazing onesies ever, of course Guillermo LOVED it, but what would've been a really awesome gift is if someone got me lipo for my 12 chins!!! Are there babies in there too?? Will I ever get my old face back?? After being pregnant for like 14 years straight, I'm beginning to wonder! ;)

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