Monday, November 3, 2008

Ninja Warrior!

Judah's costume options were pretty limited because he normally won't wear a hat (so I assumed he wouldn't do a hood either). Luckily my friend Shanon had bought Judah this Chinese outfit from NYC, Chinatown and it fit perfectly! So it was decided, Judah would be our lil' Ninja. When our plans changed at the last minute, we went down to the City's Halloween extravaganza at Hampton Park- which turned out to be a perfect spot for a 1 year old to run around, get candy, play games and see ducks!
Now that's one lethal Ninja!!
Did you like my costume?? I was 8.5 month pregnant mama.... Gmo said I should've won a prize!

Look at adorable Chewbacca behind Judah! Also, Judah is now the nun-chuck master.


Robinson Family said...

The Lil' Ninja is a GREAT costume! Can't believe you all threw it together last minute. And YOURS (the pregnant mama) looked SO realistic!:)

my little kingdom said...

Awe, he was soooo adorable. I would have loved to see him dressed like that in person! You'll have to bring him over one day in that costume with his nun-chucks. How cute!!