Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tis the Season.....

We put up our Christmas decorations early because several weeks ago I was sure that Quinn would be here before the end of November..... I'm so glad they're up, but I didn't realize what a constant temptation it would be for Judah to man-handle the tree. It's like the tree of good & evil taunting him every day!!
Judah was so excited that he had a "baby" too!
My parents were so sweet to come help us decorate and watch Judah so we could put everything up!

Judah doesn't understand why he can't play with the "ball"....

Can you tell someone was excited for their Christmas decorating weekend??

Make like a tree and leave. Yuck yuck yuck...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Drum Circle and Kenny G

I'm always sad when the weekend is over, this weekend was no exception.. we had lots of laughs with Judah this weekend.. he definitely is a clown! I guess when I'm in serious mama-mode I speak to Judah with big eyes (you know, to emphasize that I mean business) - so lately he's been imitating me, when I start to get serious, he opens his eyes really big and looks right at me with a snarky face. Then we burst out laughing.. so we gave each other "big eyes" all weekend. No pictures, but I'm sure this is what we looked like.....

So Guillermo made a good point this weekend that everyone makes fun of Kenny G. Guillermo says he's a great musician. Now I'm not a Kenny G fan, don't like much instrumental music except the beastie boys instrumental cd, and I too think Kenny G is a cheese ball and a good musician. When and why is he a cheeseball? Poor Kenny G. It takes my sweet husband (you know, the metal head) to stand up for Kenny G when the rest of the world laughs at him.
Judah had the best drum circle with his Uncle James and cuz Dante this weekend. Between the three of them smashing sticks I heard a few awesome drum rolls! Maybe they'll be the next Blue Man Group.

In case you're wondering why the REAL drummer wasn't a part of this drum circle, it's because he was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen- where a man should be!! I kid, I kid. I realize I am truly blessed to be married to a man that loves to cook.. and man did he cook up some mean Huevos Rancheros. Garrett, I could ship some cross country for you, I bet that'd be a great grand finale for your master cleanse!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

YAY!!! Christmas time again!!!

Anyone that knows me knows that I am OBSESSED with Christmas. I start normally start listening to Christmas music in the summer, I would decorate my house in October (if my hubby would not be incredibly annoyed). I start shopping for Christmas in September (or earlier) and I even had a Christmas wedding! So this year I have a few hurdles to cross since Quinn is due to arrive on Dec 10th.....
This is what I dream my holiday decorations will look like.....

This will probably be what they end up looking like.......
And of course there is the family photo for the Christmas cards... since we have to wait for Quinn you might just get your Christmas cards by next July........ Now of course I want some amazing picture of the boys to put in my card, but I've found some pretty amazing portraits that I'm including for your viewing pleasure that we might try to recreate....

Now tell me, WHY did the "face" pictures go away, this is just CLASSIC....

People will really know that despite 2 babies, the romance hasn't fizzled out of our marriage if Guillermo and I do the "brandy glass family portrait"!!!

Nothing spreads Christmas cheer like an INSANE family photo!!!!

Do you think I'll impress all of our family and friends if i shove Judah and Quinn in breif cases like they're little mini moguls?? Maybe I should dress them up in scrubs and let them sit inside of a cadaver and the card could say "Merry Christmas from my future doctors"!!!

And my personal favorite.. there is nothing more awesome to receive than a Christmas card with a really CREEPY picture!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Poll..... please comment for "science" ;)

My friend is not finding out the gender of her baby. She has an at home dopplar to hear the heartbeat and it is always very high (150+). Even though she doesn't want to find out for sure, she wants to know what other people's babies heart rates and their gender are to make a bettter guess whether she's having a boy or a girl. Per a friend's OB, this is one "test" that has approx. 80% accuracy (correctly determing gender).... Please comment what your baby's heart rate was during your prenatal care so I can see if most boys are lower and most girls are higher! With Judah and Quinn, there heart rate has never been higher than 143 and ussually is around the 120/130 range.....

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Fair = Fat Kids Paradise! (or should be)

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed by the fair this year. I purposely ate a very light lunch to have TONS of room for fat kids food at the fair.. out of hunger I decided instead of waiting for the perfect food I got a very disappointing fried clam strip combo and after that I couldn't make up my mind which fried item would make up for the disappointment. Half a bag of cotton candy and a caramel apple later, I was still feeling like I had a fair food void in my stomach that wasn't filled. Considering how much money we had already spent I decided not to buy 14 things we could get from Walmart (corndogs, slices of pizza, corn) just to put me in a fair food coma... next year we'll strategically plan to hit the food isle first and not after an hour and a half to settle for something lame. :)

Judah's favorite part of the night, when Aunit E (Elizabeth) shared her sprinkle covered ice cream with him....
This is our friend Gary chatting it up with the world's smallest lady (who was a major grump last year).. Gary is so charasmatic, he thought he could cheer her up.. anyways, I guess if i sat behind a sign that said "$10,000 reward if I'm not ALIVE...." I'd be a grump too!

YES, this is my child, on a leash. Bought it the day before... hey-
1 year old (who won't stay in his stroller for many hours) + fair + crazy rednecks and who knows who else = Judah on a leash. Get over it. ;)

Judah and Dad doing silly faces on the carasouel.

Ninja Warrior!

Judah's costume options were pretty limited because he normally won't wear a hat (so I assumed he wouldn't do a hood either). Luckily my friend Shanon had bought Judah this Chinese outfit from NYC, Chinatown and it fit perfectly! So it was decided, Judah would be our lil' Ninja. When our plans changed at the last minute, we went down to the City's Halloween extravaganza at Hampton Park- which turned out to be a perfect spot for a 1 year old to run around, get candy, play games and see ducks!
Now that's one lethal Ninja!!
Did you like my costume?? I was 8.5 month pregnant mama.... Gmo said I should've won a prize!

Look at adorable Chewbacca behind Judah! Also, Judah is now the nun-chuck master.