Monday, October 27, 2008

Who is Jack and what is an O'lantern?

Our new family tradition is carving pumpkins with Mimi and Grandpa. My Dad carved the pumpkin with the intricate cat face and Guillermo carved the little "jack the skeleton" pumpkin and the full cat. I think they did an awesome job! Also Judah had a "October fest" party at daycare and got the cute bag..... since we go to a christian daycare, they didn't celebrate a halloween, so they called it "october fest" and celebrated it on Oct 24th.. the funny thing is- I wonder if they realize that Octoberfest is probably the world's largest beer festival in Germany..... I should write them a nasty letter saying that if they're going to be serving my child stiens of german beer and Schweinsbraten then Guillermo and I better be invited to partake!! ;) J/K!


Robinson Family said...

They are pumpkin artists!! I am amazed. Carving pumpkins is never easy. We are carving ours tonight! won't be comparable to yours however and Riley will not be viewing your blog or he'll think something is wrong with HIS!

The Tylers said...

I love the pumpkins...we did ours last night as well...Thomas was scared of it (go figure). Hope Judah is doing okay and I hope your day gets a little better. -Lee

JackRussell said...

Fancy pumpkins!! I'm going to come over there and eat all the seeds (my favorite part). Looks good!