Monday, October 27, 2008

Do you ever wish you were one of those Hollywood moms with live in nannies?

I LOVE being a Mom. Judah is the brightest part of my day, every day. I can't imagine life without him. So don't misunderstand me- I'm not trying to complain about being a mom... but last night (like other sick nights) I just wish that when it's the 3rd or 4th time your sick baby has woken up, is coughing, crying-literally for hours.. you just want to push a button, have super nanny come to the rescue, getting your sick baby to sleep by a miracle, while you and your hubby get much needed sleep. Poor Judah has a cold, which unfortunatley has been very common over the past 14 months since he's been in daycare. This cold is pretty much the brutal common cold with snot rockets every few minutes, lots of coughing- I'm sure a sore throat and teething to boot (he's getting in 8 teeth). He was up for most of the night and I realized as I'm serving him soup at 1am that someone needs to invent some kind of throat relief for babies.. he wouldn't drink the chamomile tea (no caffeine) and honey we made him... and the soup really had no lasting effects (throat/cough relief).. is there something I don't know about.. c'mon Mama friends, please tell me something out there that is like herbal cough medicine or some kind of warm honey drink that kids actually will drink! Oh yea, and anyone have any ideas of toddler friendly tv at mignight? LOL.


Robinson Family said...

Check with your doctor, but new research said kids from 2 - 11 years of age that were given honey instead of a cough medicine did just as well if not better! Good to know since they say it's not wise to give kids meds under 6 now. Some doctors say even children over 1 year are fine with honey. Just ask.

Garrett said...

Upon seeing your post, I now know that it was you who knocked my "special" cat-o-lantern off of our ledge to its untimely death out of sheer jealousy. Thanks to you it looks like someone threw up pumpkin guts on our stairs. Thanks guys. Real mature.