Monday, September 15, 2008

Little Piddler. Giddy up!

After Guillermo got Judah naked for his bath, this is what we found him doing when I went to get him out of his room for the bath. I told him that was a little too broke back moutain for our house. LOL! Judah did leave us a little pee-pee surprise on the floor as we discovered after the bath... so our new rule is- no naked babies running around (or riding horses)!!


The Tylers said...

Thomas says, "Thats Judah...sittin' on the horsey." he did not comment on him being naked probably because that is normal for my little potty trainin' baby!

Robinson Family said...

Now THIS is the BEST picture EVER! Perfect for blackmail when older and also perfect to frame to breaks a mom's heart when older.

Felicia Oliana said...

naked judah = mini coco.