Thursday, September 4, 2008

First big boo boo.

So I got my first dreaded phone call from daycare yesterday.... now mind you, I get the, your son has a fever or is throwing up, come get him phone call at least once a month, but this one I knew right away was different, when she said "Judah was on the slide.... ". Anyways, Judah went head first off the slide and he busted open his bottom lip and tore his frenulum (thing that connects your lip to your gums). Aside from massive amounts of blood and Judah missing his nap, he lived through his first boo boo like a champ! Thank God there are angels watching over him!


Robinson Family said...

I haven't check the blog in so long (a whole WEEK without internet! Are you kidding me?) and you have all these great posts! Glad Judah lived to tell the tale. He actually looks quite proud of his Boo-Boo. What a true BOY! Love it. Go rug some dirt on it big guy. How did YOU handle it though mamasita? ;-)

thetalbotts said...

BOYS! Eli came running to me with blood pouring from his mouth last week too! Thank goodness it was no big deal either. I think we should just prepare ourselves for stitches & casts & lots of trips to the ER.