Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall..... where are you????

I ask myself this EVERY year and EVERY year I vow to move to a place that has 4 moderate seasons.... most importantly- a real fall! Cool breeze, chilly mornings and nights, open windows, fall decorations..... but here, we spent our first fall weekend sweating in 90 degree weather.. don't believe me- go ask my Mama... she said their outdoor thermometer read 93 degrees when they left their house to meet us!


Robinson Family said...

I love fall pictures! There are few things better than pictures of punkins with pumpkins! ;-)

JackRussell said...

I LOVE the Fall pictures! Judah looks so cute! It is soooo refreshing to have a nice breeze without the humidity snuffing it out. :) We've gotta find some pumpkins like that to take some pictures with Noa.

Beth said...

Awesome pictures and videos, Co-Co!! I love the video of Judah in the car getting excited about the car dealership balloons!! How adorable. :) Your family is so beautiful. I love the pictures at the pumpkin patch.