Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why can't EVERY weekend be like this?

Julie and Devon!
Uncle Firoze sharing Devon's dinner with Judah- how sweet!
Judah and Devon giving "high fives" at Grandpa's birthday dinner!
Judah helped Devon open his early birthday presents!
The birthday fairy was good to my Dad! :)

I am so blessed to have such awesome family. My sister Julie, brother-in-law Firoze and nephew Devon came down this weekend and we had so much fun. Devon is the polar opposite from Judah and it's so cute to see them interact. Devon is so reserved and calm and barely speaks above a whisper and sits and plays in one spot, where Judah was running circles thru the living room and kitchen, running up to Devon frequently to give him hugs and kisses (even though Devon wasn't too keen on this). I wish more than anything that we could live in the same town as J, F & D. We did so much over the weekend, here are a few pics. We love you guys!!


Robinson Family said...

WONDERFUL seeing you today. I love Judah with the Cheeseman. He IS petrified! Poor kid. You look fab in that hat though. ;-) Great pics.

The Tylers said...

How fun! I just love it when family comes to visit and it looks like Judah does too. Hopefully we will see you at church tomorrow if Ellison has a good night :)