Monday, July 28, 2008

Why I looooooooove weekends......

Ok, so who doesn't love weekends..... anyone that has kids knows that when you have a 14 month old, there isn't much rest and relaxation (unless someone else is watching your child).... but on the weekends, when we have 2 and a half full days with our little angel, there are fleeting moments where he just slows down, gives us lots of hugs and kisses and even stays on the bed to cuddle for a few mintues before he's revved back up to his energizer bunny status!

Adorable Ellison Ann Tyler. Born July 22, 2008

I know a lot of you reading this also are friends with Lee, Jamie, Thomas and Ellison Tyler- so you already may have seen pictures of this adorable little girl... but for those of you who don't- look at this awesome head of hair!!! I'm not sure I've ever seen such amazing hair on a new born. And it feels like mink's fur too! Lee and Jamie are doing amazing and Thomas (2 years old) is adjusting really well and being really sweet to his new sister!

Thank God for Dads..... (and their energy)

Saturday we had some friends over- Jer, Maritza, Mari, Dita and Joaquin Gillum and Kyle & Aiden Gillum...... we had a blast and the kids had so much fun throwing all the balls out of the pool! All I can say is-Thank you Lord for Dads!!! I know it's pretty pathetic at 5 months preggo that it is a chore for me to bend over picking up stuff, but in the heat this weekend especially- I couldn't have done it! So luckily the guys had fun picking up balls and throwing them back so the kids could have even more fun in the pool..........
This story wouldn't be complete without the "rest of the story"- the next day we were cleaning up the pool and toys and my precious angel went into the now almost deflated pool to get some balls and slid on the slick plastic bottom and slammed his head on the concrete!! I have always prided myself in being very level headed, especially in an emergency type situation..... years of police work will do that to you- but when it comes to my child and "emergency" situations, I lose my head! I grabbed Judah, who was screaming at the top of his lungs and inspected for a goose egg and blood (thank God, no blood, small bump) ran him inside and tried all I could do to make him "better". Thank God Guillermo was there to assure me that he didn't have brain damage, or a concussion! I'm sure this will be one of many scares I have as a mother of boys!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Since I realized I was a master at "ghetto" photo shop (aka-Publisher)....LOL....

Look at all the cool stuff Judah does!! He got to play the Easter Bunny in the White House's Easter egg hunt! Plus He can beat people down (or shoot em up!!) Also, he's the lead singer of Guillermo's favorite band- Meshuggah!!

Another day at the beach.......

I think that between Judah and Bebe Dos, pregnancy has eaten most of my brain!! I brought the camera out to the beach that day to take pictures of Judah and his Mimi & Grandpa (see below) and of Judah with his Aunt Rebecca and Christina!! Lo and behold! I totally forgot to take pictures of Judah and his Aunt! :( So here, I'll make do......Look!! It's Rebecca, Mimi and Judah at the beach!!

More pics from our big day!

My parents and Elizabeth came along to the ultrasound! So much fun!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yay!!! Another boy!!!

We are so blessed. We get to add one more adorable little boy to our family. Judah will have a best friend and hopefully they won't create too much mischief together! This baby is so chill compared to Judah. We called Judah our Mexican jumping bean because in every ultrasound he was all over the place, this baby is just chilling there, moving an arm here, his legs a little bit there.... hopefully that will be a sign of things to come. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Great Baby Inventions! Why didn't I think of these?

Look! You don't have to stand by the crib anymore! Put that baby to work!!!
Awww, look- tummy time! But then again, it might make you want to eat your baby!
Why spend all that money on a nice stroller- I think you can buy these at the flea market!
And my personal favorite- Baby Einstien- baby "crack"

Friday, July 11, 2008

Why do I think that warning picture is so funny??
It's like the warning sign on the side of the moving truck with the dude with duct tape on his head.. there are some things you just DON'T do.. and climbing under a massive load truck's bed is one of them.... too funny....
Ok, so yesterday on the way home was the worst traffic jam. I was waiting on Ashley Phosphate for almost an hour. The only thing that kept Judah happy was a old tupperware of snacks I had in his bag- thank God they weren't too stale. I kept looking at the sky thinking- there is going to be a tornado!! I kept thinking WHAT would I do if I saw a funnel cloud- stuck in my car with my two precious babies!! Run for cover? Drive over the median- to go where?? Especially being in North Charleston, I am only assuming I'm surrounded by red necks and thugs who would start slamming into cars-running over people had there really been some sort of true emergency. Thankfully traffic started moving and the apocalyptic tornado that I thought might come never did.......

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Snap Crackle Pop! Happy 4th!

I LOVE the fourth of July, I just hate it in my neighborhood. Hearing gun shots in my neighborhood isn't totally unheard of..... so starting around July 1st thru July 7th I hear pa-pow-ka-bang... and each time hope it's just someone 20 feet from my back yard setting off a roman candle, not blasting someone in a drive by... And for all of you thinking- for pete's sake- wasn't she cop- wouldn't she know the difference?? Well, let me just tell you one night I was driving around heard what I thought were fireworks. The small rat a tat tat sounds, right around the time of a "fireworks" holiday. Of course the call came in- shots fired... me being the "all knowing" cop assured control- "I'm sure those were just fireworks, but I'll go check it out anyways".... much to my chagrin, an entire apartment complex was shot up! No kidding, these guys must have been shooting up the place gangsta style wtih a automatic small caliber weapon that sounded like a string of small firecrackers. Cars were shot, windows were shot, the brick was shot.. so until this day- I NEVER trust my own instincts on the gun shots vs fireworks thing.. so there you have it...

ANYWAYS, we got to have a very chill afternoon with our favorite peeps! The Quinton's are like our family and also great friends- the Nemeth's.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Faces of Judah......

He's either singing, yelling, laughing......
or laughing and being a goofball...
Or on the move....
or doing the one sock remote dance

One thing you won't get with him is a dull moment!