Thursday, May 22, 2008

What 4 weeks looks like......

It is absolutely AMAZING how in 4 weeks an "embryo" can grow into a "fetus" as the text books say, and I say, it's amazing how you can see in 4 weeks God's hand moving and forming a little life. A Life, not an embryo or a fetus that He has plans and a purpose for! I am so beyond grateful for this new little gift and can't wait to find out if Judah will have a brother or sister! Please pray that little Bebe Dos is strong and healthy!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Trip to the dirty dirty, ATL

ATL!! One of our favorite places to be! We get to see some of our absolute favorite people EVER! Rebecca, Will, Julie, Firoze and Devon! This trip was wonderful.... the boys had plenty of time to play together..... we had a great time at the park, an indoor water park, a Meshuggah show, we even got to go to brunch at the Four Seasons where Firoze is a manager.. it always makes me laugh how I am SO not like any of the "legitimate"guests at the Ritz or Four Seasons... I guess I'll alway be a little bit ghetto and frugal.. ha. Either way.... we can't wait to go back! We love our fam!!

Almost a Year!!!

Judah will be a year old on May 20th!! It's just unbelievable how time has flown by, and even more unbelievable how 11 months ago, he could barely move, now he's walking, talking, eating big boy food, being a clown..... My favorite stage so far has been the stage he's in right now. He is constantly proud of himself.. when he walks, throws his big bouncy ball that's half of his size, when he tries to careen himself off the changing table while I'm changing him, when he stands up in the tub and tries to put his toys back in their little mesh bag... He always seems to have this mischievous grin on his face!! Judah's gag reflex is starting to fade... he still can't eat things that don' t dissolve in his mouth (like bananas or mango).... but in the two weeks he's eaten: ritz, chips, 2 bites of a french fry, bread, fish, biscuit, cottage cheese, broccoli and even took a bite of a hamburger.. this is pretty exciting if you knew how every time we'd try to feed Judah something other than a baby "puff", graham craker or cherrio, he'd vomit.. even if his pureed baby food was too thick, he'd vomit. I thought he'd be eating pureed food until high school! Judah's favorite things to do are play with his giant bouncy ball, put anything and everything in his mouth, including dog food, paper, cat treats, bugs, rocks... just about anything on the ground, he loves to throw himself into pillows on the floor.... and he really, REALLY loves his Dad. Everything Guillermo does appearantly is the funniest thing he's ever seen cause he laughs constantly with Guillermo. He's also becoming very anxious for Mom & Dad... whenever we leave the room he starts to whimper... very cute.. but not when you drop him off at daycare.. that's why Guillermo drops him off. I'd have to quit my job!