Monday, April 28, 2008

Life gets confusing sometimes....

So today has been a very odd day. A day filled with immense happiness and sadness. Today I found out my Dad, who has had debilitating never ending pain (like his foot is on fire) because of a nerve disease (RSD) has miraculously stopped at 145am. We have been praying for this miracle for 20 years. I hope this is a permanent God-miracle!! Secondly I found out my dear friends are having a baby boy! What a good day in a pregnancy and without getting into the details, this really is a miracle baby. And on a very sad note, a good friend has lost her baby and had to go thru those emotions not once but twice. She thought she had a miscarriage, found out she did not, but then lost the baby 4 days later. Sometime's such amazing things happen in life that you are sure God is moving and doing miracles, then sometime's you wonder why He allows things to happen, such as the loss of a baby...... life can sure get confusing sometimes. God is good no matter what!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We're very happy! Numero Dos is on the way!

We're doing it again!! We are so excited to add to our family. Judah will be 18 or 19 months old when the baby comes, so we've gotta start teaching him how to change a diaper right now!! :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yippee! Judah's first time in the baby pool!

Judah got to hang out with his buddies: Jackson and Luke Van Houten! Also- FYI, Judah has a little swimmer on.. his giant bell-A is just hanging over it! Ha. Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree huh... guts are cute on babies though :) Ha.

Fun with the Stanaj's!!

My cousin Kelly and her family (Hubby Mark, Kids- Liam and Katarina) came to visit us from Michigan! I wish we had more time with them, but we had fun going to the Aquarium!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Now that Judah is older, he and Devon really like playing together! Judah and Devon's Mimi & Grandpa (my parents) decided that they needed matching outfits.. so here ya go!! :)

Baby Dedication!!!

We had such an amazing weekend when Judah and his cousin Devon were dedicated! Not only was that such a special time between us and the Lord, but a bunch of our family and friends came and celebrated this event with us! The Vicen's (Guillermo's parents and sister) and the Nizam's (my sister, brother in law and nephew, Devon) all came from out of town. I am always so blessed and amazed at how awesome our friends and family are. We are so extremely thankful to have such wonderful people in our life!

Where has the time gone!

I am absolutely amazed at how months seemed to slip by without relevance.... you just sort of coasted thru the year. Now in one month I see Judah developing and learning so much! I'll give you some of the highlights of his ninth and tenth months. He has learned how to wave and say "bah" at the same time (mostly to strangers, not so much to mom and dad), he finally says "mama", he can stand unsupported and "walk" holding onto furniture or a baby walker, he definitely knows Indy as "dog" and does his little "d" with a grunt after when Indy comes into the room, the coolest thing though is when he played "peek a boo" with me. He was at the end of the couch standing up and I was laying down on the couch. He could crouch down so I couldn't see him then pop up. When I realized what he was doing, I would say: ok Judah, now you've gotta hide, so he'd crouch down, then pop up. Of course like a big goofball I kicked my feet all around and burst out laughing so he'd keep doing it... i'm sure I looked so ridiculous, but man he loved it. :) One not so fun thing I've seen this month is tons of barf. Man that kid has a gag reflex. We try to feed him some solid food like baby "puffs" and cherrios (mostly to keep him happy in the high chair while we're making his dinner or our dinner) and he'll eat several just fine, then whammo- barf everywhere... at this point we might hold off "big people" food till he's about....... 18..... ha.