Wednesday, December 31, 2008

About Quinn......

3 posts in one day! I think it's a record!
My sister Julie took these precious photos in the hospital... I was so blessed that she took the photos again, becuase when I think back to Judah as a newborn, I think about the photos she took of us, not an actual recollection of that time... I have a HORRIBLE memory.... so it was so awesome that she drove all the way from the dirty dirty, ATL to be with us... ANYways, about Quinn. I have been blessed with another non-crying baby- except when he needs something (fed, changed, held). I am soooo thankful for this too since Judah can sleep thru anything, he has slept thru many a night of Guillermo and I hammering on walls, moving furniture, laughing, friends over talking and he sleeps right thru it, but he wakes up EVERY time Quinn cries at night (which is every time we change his diaper)... so luckily Quinn quiets down as soon as he gets his diaper back on and a bottle in his mouth, therefore Judah goes back to sleep. Quinn has such a sweet temperment, he sleeps a LOT and up until a few days ago, he ate only a little bit (one or one and a half ounces) at each feeding and quite regularly would eat once an hour or every hour and half. Thankfully as of yesterday his appetite seems a lot bigger, drank almost 4 ounces at each feeding and he's sleeping for longer stretches because of it. It's amazing how God gives you strength to get thru the sleepless nights/days. I actually feel rested most of the time, thanks to Guillermo's help- I'm afraid I'll feel and look like a zombie next week when he's back full time all week. I'll keep Judah in daycare two days a week, so he doesn't have a culture shock in march and keeps his schedule. Judah out of the blue has decided that Quinn's name is either Barney or Bunny. It's hard to make out what he's saying, but he made it up all on his own. Judah has only seen Barney two or three times and we read about bunnies all the time, so we're sort of inclined to think he's saying bunny, but Barney is funnier. We're trying to manage Judah's many temper tantrums and show him lots and lots of love, attention and special care. Judah has been at the extremes of emotion for the past two weeks, some of the sweetest sides I've ever seen of him and also the naughtiest... complete disregard for us and obeying..... so that's that! If you've stuck thru this entire novel, you're great. :) Time to go... finally two babies down for naps and I have a house to clean and laundry to fold and desperately need a snuggle from my hubby.

Christmas Day.....

So Christmas day was very special, I LOVE spending time with our families and it was so exciting seeing the kids open up all their gifts! Quinn was a little angel and slept the whole time. Judah kept stealing all of his sweet cousin- Devon's gifts and trying to play with them... for his birthday I know to get him toy airplanes, I think that may be the new obsession for Judah....
So Christmas night my hormones got the better of me and I ended up having a crying fest at home with Gmo (poor Gmo).. since I'm normally very non-emotional I think Gmo likes when I cry which is good cause with both babies, I've been a weepy mess. I guess the things that get me the most is overwhelming feeling is gratitude and thankfulness for my sweet family. Then secondly I think about how fast these past few weeks are going and how fast this 12 weeks will go, then I think about how fast these boys will grow up and I think about how much of their lives I'll miss while I'm at work. Then I think about how I was not made to cry, cause I look like such a fool when I cry, my whole face contorts, my body shakes, where as my friends who cry all the time look like totally normal people with water coming out of their eyes... lol.
Ok, one story I forgot to say, God literally saved our Christmas brisket and our house early Christmas morning.... Since Quinn is getting a combo of pumped milk and expressed milk, I pump about 5/6 times a day. That night my boobs were hurting sooo bad, (sorry guys) I decided to pump much earlier than I needed to at 230am.... when I went to the kitchen to clean the bottles I noticed our grill was totally on fire. Guillermo had converted our old grill into a smoker and some time in the night the layer of fat on the brisket caught on fire and it was so hot and burning so hard, it melted the grill! Had I not seen that, it probably would've caught our bushes, fence, house on fire, the fire was so big. Guillermo got the fire out and this made me cry too.. he had worked on that meat for 12 hours that day already making the smoker and seasoning the meat. The good news was, Guillermo caught off the charred parts and did the meat in the oven- it actually turned out good too!! :) It still amazes me how God watches over us all the time!
My little Christmas elf.....
Talk about spoiled, Grandpa and Mimi got Judah a mini-atv...... which at first he was very scared, now he loves it and no matter what he hits, he won't take his finger off the "go" button!

Abuela, Judah, Gmo, Titi Carla, Tio Ivan, Abuelo and Quinn..... lots o' Puerto Rican pride!! :)

My sister Julie and nephew Devon, the sweetest most calm child you will ever meet!

My big Christmas elf!

Christmas Eve.......

This Christmas season was so special, of course with the addition of Quinn, Judah being old enough to love the activities , my family and Gmo's family coming down and me being an emo hormonal wreck, everything makes me cry. I couldn't sing any of the Christmas songs at the service at my parents church cause they all made me cry. The people in the rows around me probably thought I was a heathen cause I didn't sing.
Judah says: I've got my magic Christmas pantzzzzz on!!!!
Baby, it's the hottest accesory......

I guess the new normal picture, 2 adults looking at the camera, kids looking wherever! :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's raining men......

I just realized that I'm totally surrounded by men. My husband, 2 sons, a male dog and even a male cat. That's ok, I'm not really too much of a girly girl, I can hang with the boys! I love my boys and wouldn't change it for anything.
It is so precious seeing Judah loving on "his baby"... he might be in the middle of a major naughty moment and I'll say, did you give the baby a kiss today and he'll stop, run to Quinn, kiss him and hug him and then be on his merry (or naughty) little way!

Judah is the king of crazy faces... some we've taught him, others he is immitating Guillermo and I... this face is what he did when I asked him if he could smile for the camera, it's his "big eyes" that he gives me when he's immitating me being serious. That's one silly kid!
Here's another one of Judah being sweet to Quinn, just warms a mama's heart!

Children are the best Christmas present ever. We are so blessed.

Quinn had his first Dr's appt today and he's only lost 3 ounces! He got a good check up, but we just need to watch to make sure he doesn't get more "yellow".. since it's hard to tell if he has Guillermo's skin tone, we can't tell if he's yellow from jaundice or golden skin tone! Anyways, we've been having fun running around doing the last of our Christmas shopping and doing lots of fun stuff for Judah to keep him from going stir crazy and make him feel special. Judah has been 70% sweet and the good boy we had pre-baby bro and 30% monster man. He's thrown more tantrums and not even the threat of a spanking (or actual spanking) makes him obey. We've tried to cut him some breaks since I know it's frustrating for him to have a new baby around, and we've shown him tons of special attention, but he still gets so irritated and then does something naughty or throws a tantrum. Any suggestions of how to help a toddler thru this phase in his life would be much appreciated!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our amazing Christmas present!!!

First of all, let me say, thank you Elizabeth for holding my head during labor (and everything else, ha) AND the awesome post!! As Elizabeth already said, this labor and delivery was absolutely amazing now that I look back. I was in labor for 11.5 hours, but the contractions (pre-epidural) were very, very manageable, after the epidural I felt almost no pain until the end, then I started feeling pain, so the Dr boosted my meds so high, I felt nothing while pushing! It was amazing. Quinn was as beautiful and sweet as I imagined he would be. He doesn't look anything like Judah did as a baby, other than full lips, a big mouth and dimples. He is a very sleepy boy and did really well at the hospital. Here at home, he was up a whole bunch last night - and didn't want to sleep in his bassinet, but hopefully tonight he'll do a little bit better. He slept so well and heavy today, I'm hoping he doesn't have his days and nights confused. Judah has been so sweet to his baby brother. When my parents brought him to the hospital room he was so excited about "his baby", he barely even paid me any attention. When they took Quinn to the nursery Judah even cried. Judah goes from being very naughty to very, very sweet now that we're at home. We're praying for extra patience for all of us. :) As much as my laptop allows, we'll keep posting pics!! Thank you to everyone for the gifts, food, sweet comments, thoughts and prayers!! We love you all!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hi Family + Friends,  
Guest blogger Auntie E here. (Elizabeth) ;)
& YES!  Quinn is here!!!  
Quinn Robert Soler was born a little after 6:30pm last night (Monday December 15th)
He weighed in at 9lbs + was a little over 21 inches.  (Forgive me for not remembering exactly!!)

Courtney was a CHAMP!!!  She says that it was night + day compared to her 50+ hour labor with Judah.  She only had to push 30 minutes!  I am so blessed to have witnessed his awesome entrance into this world!  Words cannot describe...

As you can see, he is a cutie!  (James & I think he looks like MOMMA!)  & Courtney looks WAYYYY to good to have just birthed a 9lb baby!  ha!!

Anyway, on behalf of the Soler Family, thanks for your thoughts + prayers.  
I think we speak for anyone + everyone that knows the Solers- we are truly blessed to have them in our lives.  & now there is another to love!  God Bless!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quinn update, still not here. Boo.

Ok, so here's the update... STILL no Quinn. My due date was exactly 5 days ago. My *lovely* doctor does not like "meddlesome obstectrics" meaning my "best case scenerio" with an induction date is Dec 22nd (12 days after my due date). My body is doing NOTHING-or he said if I twisted his arm he would consider inducing sooner. I basically wanted to tell him, he'd be in a body cast if he did NOT induce me and I was actually dilated or effaced. So needless to say, that shot of castor oil, or the bath with rapsberries, or jumping on a trampoline or whatever old wives tales are looking pretty darn good right now... so far I think I've walked more than I've walked in months. Still nothing. To top it off, I've have uber-painful contractions for over 3 weeks now... .talk about fun finding out each week that they're doing NOTHING for my body.. just making me endure unecessary pain I guess... My next appt is tuesday for a non-stress-test and ultrasound (just to make sure the baby isn't going to come out 40 lbs). I am excited for another ultrasound.. since the 18 week anatomy scan all I saw was "skeletor" as the skin was not thick enough to bounce the waves off of, so I still only saw bones..... Maybe I'll be able to see some of Quinn's features- OR maybe he'll come tonight and I'll see him face to face!! Pray for me!! I may just lose my mind over this next week! Oh yea, last night I was contemplating just driving myself to the hospital and simply refusing to leave until someone got the baby out of me.. I wonder if that would work? Certainly it's been tried before!! You know, the squeaky wheel always gets what it wants right??

My sweet friends...........

So as you've probably read, I've been having some technical difficulties downloading pics to my blog.... so it seems like it's working sporadically now.. somedays it works, other days my whole laptop seems to freeze up. ANYways, I finally was able to upload a couple of pics from a surprise baby shower/dinner that my sweet friends threw me. I was TOTALLY surprised and even saw one of my friend's car in the parking lot, I figured she was there eating with her hubby!! Talk about DUH.. gotta love pregnant brain. It wasn't as bad as the time about 4 years ago when I had a bunch of friends surprise Guillermo at Chuck e Cheese for his birthday and when he saw them there he said, Whoa, I can't believe Shannon and Justin are at Chuck E Cheese too... even after seeing the other friends, he didn't realize we were all there for him, as a crazy surprise, his mid-20 year old friends weren't just hanging out at Chuck E Cheese as a strange coincidence!! HA! Ok, so back to the shower/dinner.. Thanks SO much to my sweet friends, the biggest blessing was a nice intimate dinner with some girl friends, I get that pleasure WAY to rarely and it was a real treat!! Love you girls.

Brenda was kind enough to test out the pacifier for me, she said Quinn will love it! J/K!!
Now this is one of the most amazing onesies ever, of course Guillermo LOVED it, but what would've been a really awesome gift is if someone got me lipo for my 12 chins!!! Are there babies in there too?? Will I ever get my old face back?? After being pregnant for like 14 years straight, I'm beginning to wonder! ;)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Yay!! One picture uploaded!!

I'm so happy that I have a work laptop to use while on maternity leave, but I was sad that my ability to upload pics onto the blog didn't seem to be working.... I hope it continues to work cause then I can upload pics of baby Quinn as soon as he comes!! You hear that Quinn- you need to come now!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pa rump a pum pum.....

This weekend we tried to squeeze in lots o' Christmas stuff since we don't know when we'll be confined to the house in newborn land! :) I can't belive we made it to our friends annual Christmas party..... we played at park circle while they started setting up for their christmas day/night and even went to the downtown Christmas parade! The best part about the parade was we just so happened to run into a great cop friend of mine.. to hear his commentary about all the different people on the floats perpetuates the fact that after you've been a cop for a LONG time maybe you should not try to participate in public activities. Ha. I guess you become a little jaded of the public when you have been a cop for 30 years and a homicide detective for 20 years.... he's awesome though.. just thinks every other person is a "crook" (and of course has his proof why)!

Ok, so I'm not sure what's going on, but I can't post pics right now.... I'm trying to figure out the ins and outs of my laptop 'puter..... Ok, so I'll type a bit more and hope my peeps will read even if there are no pics. :) Yesterday I took judah to the barbershop.. .he screamed bloody murder like someone was scalping him the ENTIRE time. We were both covered with hair by the time it was all done. I love taking Judah to Uncle James, it's much less of a painfull experience for all- but what can I say- it's Christmas time and James is VERY busy....

I love my dear husband so much, but it'll never cease to amaze me what he doesn't notice... tonight he yells as he's giving Judah a bath, "Are these BUGS in the tub??" and I run in there to see about a thirty black things floating in the tub, of course I see right away that they are threads, of tufts of material and remember that Judah had a new pair of black socks on today... and NO they were not bugs. I just wonder how Guillermo didn't notice Judah's black "furry" feet before getting into the tub?? I guess I need to not laugh at him and just be thankful he's on bath duty (pregnant or not)!!! :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Words, words, words.

I think there must be something magical at the 18th month mark. I noticed the same thing with my nephew at 18 months.... Judah's vocab increased from about 20 words to now he can almost say anything I ask him to say.. now it doesn't always sound exactly like the word, but it's a very good attempt- where as before he would just sit there and smile at me and then say "ball". My favorite things he's saying now is I love you (melts my heart), thank you, please, "gool gool" for school, also, it's hilarious to watch him attempt to say all the alphabet letters, when he doesn't think he can say a certain letter like W, I yell it really loud like it's SOO fun to say and then he makes an attempt. Ha. Anyways, to all you mamas out there... have you noticed that one day your child started to become much more verbal, instead of a gradual increase??

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tis the Season.....

We put up our Christmas decorations early because several weeks ago I was sure that Quinn would be here before the end of November..... I'm so glad they're up, but I didn't realize what a constant temptation it would be for Judah to man-handle the tree. It's like the tree of good & evil taunting him every day!!
Judah was so excited that he had a "baby" too!
My parents were so sweet to come help us decorate and watch Judah so we could put everything up!

Judah doesn't understand why he can't play with the "ball"....

Can you tell someone was excited for their Christmas decorating weekend??

Make like a tree and leave. Yuck yuck yuck...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Drum Circle and Kenny G

I'm always sad when the weekend is over, this weekend was no exception.. we had lots of laughs with Judah this weekend.. he definitely is a clown! I guess when I'm in serious mama-mode I speak to Judah with big eyes (you know, to emphasize that I mean business) - so lately he's been imitating me, when I start to get serious, he opens his eyes really big and looks right at me with a snarky face. Then we burst out laughing.. so we gave each other "big eyes" all weekend. No pictures, but I'm sure this is what we looked like.....

So Guillermo made a good point this weekend that everyone makes fun of Kenny G. Guillermo says he's a great musician. Now I'm not a Kenny G fan, don't like much instrumental music except the beastie boys instrumental cd, and I too think Kenny G is a cheese ball and a good musician. When and why is he a cheeseball? Poor Kenny G. It takes my sweet husband (you know, the metal head) to stand up for Kenny G when the rest of the world laughs at him.
Judah had the best drum circle with his Uncle James and cuz Dante this weekend. Between the three of them smashing sticks I heard a few awesome drum rolls! Maybe they'll be the next Blue Man Group.

In case you're wondering why the REAL drummer wasn't a part of this drum circle, it's because he was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen- where a man should be!! I kid, I kid. I realize I am truly blessed to be married to a man that loves to cook.. and man did he cook up some mean Huevos Rancheros. Garrett, I could ship some cross country for you, I bet that'd be a great grand finale for your master cleanse!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

YAY!!! Christmas time again!!!

Anyone that knows me knows that I am OBSESSED with Christmas. I start normally start listening to Christmas music in the summer, I would decorate my house in October (if my hubby would not be incredibly annoyed). I start shopping for Christmas in September (or earlier) and I even had a Christmas wedding! So this year I have a few hurdles to cross since Quinn is due to arrive on Dec 10th.....
This is what I dream my holiday decorations will look like.....

This will probably be what they end up looking like.......
And of course there is the family photo for the Christmas cards... since we have to wait for Quinn you might just get your Christmas cards by next July........ Now of course I want some amazing picture of the boys to put in my card, but I've found some pretty amazing portraits that I'm including for your viewing pleasure that we might try to recreate....

Now tell me, WHY did the "face" pictures go away, this is just CLASSIC....

People will really know that despite 2 babies, the romance hasn't fizzled out of our marriage if Guillermo and I do the "brandy glass family portrait"!!!

Nothing spreads Christmas cheer like an INSANE family photo!!!!

Do you think I'll impress all of our family and friends if i shove Judah and Quinn in breif cases like they're little mini moguls?? Maybe I should dress them up in scrubs and let them sit inside of a cadaver and the card could say "Merry Christmas from my future doctors"!!!

And my personal favorite.. there is nothing more awesome to receive than a Christmas card with a really CREEPY picture!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Poll..... please comment for "science" ;)

My friend is not finding out the gender of her baby. She has an at home dopplar to hear the heartbeat and it is always very high (150+). Even though she doesn't want to find out for sure, she wants to know what other people's babies heart rates and their gender are to make a bettter guess whether she's having a boy or a girl. Per a friend's OB, this is one "test" that has approx. 80% accuracy (correctly determing gender).... Please comment what your baby's heart rate was during your prenatal care so I can see if most boys are lower and most girls are higher! With Judah and Quinn, there heart rate has never been higher than 143 and ussually is around the 120/130 range.....

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Fair = Fat Kids Paradise! (or should be)

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed by the fair this year. I purposely ate a very light lunch to have TONS of room for fat kids food at the fair.. out of hunger I decided instead of waiting for the perfect food I got a very disappointing fried clam strip combo and after that I couldn't make up my mind which fried item would make up for the disappointment. Half a bag of cotton candy and a caramel apple later, I was still feeling like I had a fair food void in my stomach that wasn't filled. Considering how much money we had already spent I decided not to buy 14 things we could get from Walmart (corndogs, slices of pizza, corn) just to put me in a fair food coma... next year we'll strategically plan to hit the food isle first and not after an hour and a half to settle for something lame. :)

Judah's favorite part of the night, when Aunit E (Elizabeth) shared her sprinkle covered ice cream with him....
This is our friend Gary chatting it up with the world's smallest lady (who was a major grump last year).. Gary is so charasmatic, he thought he could cheer her up.. anyways, I guess if i sat behind a sign that said "$10,000 reward if I'm not ALIVE...." I'd be a grump too!

YES, this is my child, on a leash. Bought it the day before... hey-
1 year old (who won't stay in his stroller for many hours) + fair + crazy rednecks and who knows who else = Judah on a leash. Get over it. ;)

Judah and Dad doing silly faces on the carasouel.