Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fun Times!!

Whew! Now that was a long hiatus! I don't typically take this long to post but it's been a busy first 6 months of the year! In the past 6 months I've gained two precious family members, my nephew- Omar and my niece- Emilia!  We also took a trip to Miami to watch my sister-in-law Carla get married to our awesome new brother-in-law Max! So I guess that makes it 3 new family members, we're busting the seams with all the good times!

As an additional plus I got to spend good quality time with my sister Julie & her family, which was so special and fun, but unfortunately I didn't get one single picture with my "good camera"- but if you follow me on Instagram I captured all the fun times with them in Miami!

The happy little ring bearers and the flower girl!

 Our sweet family we don't see enough of!

My handsome little dudes!

 Guillermo and his beautiful mom.  Guillermo officiated the wedding and he did such a great job! I was so proud of him!

 This adorable little hot mess! :)

 I am so thankful for our family, it was such a fun wedding and weekend!

Our precious Emilia!

And our precious little Omar!

Viviana was in baby heaven!

 I am so happy for Carla & Max!

Major congrats to our sweet Mr. & Mrs. Gutierrez!

 On a trip to St. Croix, Abuela & Abuelo brought the kids matching clothes! So, of course that means PHOTO SHOOT!! (at the lovely, picturesque Hampton Park)

 My three little ducks watching the little ducks.

 Can you believe this guy turned 9 (!!!) in May!! Holy Batman Robin, time, PLEASE slow down!

The kids are LOVING being out of school and I love it too.  I hope & pray this summer goes by slowly, calmly and full of quality family time!

I hope you're out there having fun!! Happy June!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fa-La-La-La-Laaaaa. Awesome- Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 was AWESOME.  Just so much fun, the kids are literally at the BEST ages for Christmas. Lots of magic!!
If you look hard enough you can see visions of sugar plums swirling in their heads. :)
'Twas the night before Christmas.  We went to the Cathedral of Praise play of the Christmas Carol, which was awesome, I had the whole week off of work, more awesome & my Sister Julie & her boys were here for a week & Rebecca, Will & their new baby Xavier were down for a few days!
If it wasn't 100 degrees (I exaggerate, but it was pretty disgustingly hot, a lot of "record breaking highs" being talked about on the weather channel, sigh) I would say this was the best Christmas ever. Even after living in Charleston for 23 years I still dream of a white Christmas. :)

I can't get enough of these adorable Christmas elves.

The kids love the dogs so much.  Viviana is sooo the little girl with the braces in Finding Nemo to poor Ellie.
Can you see it in her glowing laser eyes? PLEASE HELP ME!! Lol.

Thankfully both dogs love the extreme love from the kids.... here's sweet Bon Bon.

Santas one & only cookie & LOTS of celery for the reindeer. Hey, it's better than the raw collards we had to leave the reindeer last year.....
YAY! The big guy came!!

Santa brought their new shoes they asked for! Yay!

And we finally GAVE IN to the game console. Sigh.

And Santa brought Viv's "LaLaLoopsy Potty Surprise" - which Viviana told everyone and anyone about for a month before Christmas.  The toy poops "buttons"- turns out they are playdoh buttons & I've already had playdoh "poop" buttons smashed into my shag rug. Sigh, thanks a lot Santa! :)
The best part for me, living in the same town as my parents - we only have one 15 minute drive on Christmas day, which I will never take that for granted! 

Cute cousins, minus Xavier.

This might be the kids favorite cousin. He is pretty cute!

So much love. presents. & pictures. :)

Julie & Xavier look so cute in their Christmas jammies!

This is the real baby Xavier & Viviana's new "real baby doll" which she named baby Xavier too.  And they're twins in their striped PJs so we HAD to take their picture! :)

Viviana had another Frozen Christmas!

 The kids have so much fun with their cousins, there is nothing better than this!!

Don't worry- no children were harmed in this play. :)




There was the most beautiful sunset that night, just a perfect day all around!

We had the best time celebrating our SAVIOR'S birthday with our family.  We always miss our out of town family during the holidays!  I never take for granted the precious gift of family  & friends, there is truly nothing more important, or wonderful than that!

I wanted to post a few pics of Viviana's Christmas play.  She's my first child to have a Christmas play & it was so adorable.  She told us for weeks she was a sheep- so to our surprise, she was actually a donkey!! We had a good laugh out of that! Heehaw!

Vivi (who is actually pretty shy) came in, did great, smiled, waved, then the performance started. She turned around backwards for a few songs, then she started to cry for mama & they took her off stage.  Welp- at least I got a good picture of her here!! :)

The cutest little donkey I've ever seen!